''Go on - get your hands dirty!''

 Its GREAT FUN and you can wash them later

 Courses for both adults and adults with children.


 Grow Grubby

Offering advice to schools and community groups wishing to start food growing projects.

Grow Grubby provides learning opportunities for you to grow grub and enjoy sharing it.

Grow Grubby delivers courses, workshops and events to enthuse people about growing, enjoying, eating and sharing food, and exploring nature.

 You could... 

Try this at home

 Cook some plain rice, potatoes and pasta seperatley. Cool and put into small dishes that children can handle. Also prepare a dish of plain yogurt.

Pick or buy fresh Mint, Basil, Chives and coriander.

 3 With your child try unflavoured rice, potatoes, pasta and yogurt. Talk, giggle add flavours, try it!

*It is a good idea to add one herb at a time to start with. What do the flavours remind you of? Which do you like? Could you grow them on a windowsill? Could you look up recipies online?


  Winter 2012

Where have the seasons gone?

The PGCE is providing lots of food for thought. I have a new family home in which I am starting veggie beds from scratch. This will refresh my mind about how to start a growing project with a view to starting food growing projects in schools.


Autumn 2012

Summer saw a shift in focus to prepare for ventures new. Grow Grubby helped create herb interest with planting and tasting sessions. Planting tips were shared and trialled. By encouraging parents to support their young children to experiment with food and taste their results together, food stories were shared, recipies discussed, food habits and healthy living talked about it a non-threatening and non-judgemental way...after all we have all had those moments with our children and our busy lives and demanding budgets and....phew.

Spring is here 

                  and so is the rain!

The PGCE is wonderful, I am learning lots of new, useful and exciting things. I have considered how learners gain the most from their experiences and feel that this will enhance Grow Grubby.

It is great to see, feel and smell the rain again. My home pond is looking much healthier. Our Purple Sprouting Brocoli has just begun producing; nettle soup this year was a little 'furry' I think I put too many leaves in, and the Sweeet Cicely is just delicous!


Lovely quote of the season, 'After last time with you, I could see what you can do (with a child) I went and did my garden with her (toddler), she loves it...she's out there a lot now'


I have just remembered how lovely its is to be outside and sharing learning experiences together. One little boy took an hour to pluck up enough courage to stroke and then hold a snail. Brilliant to see.


Happy Spring!


Autumn news

Thank you to everyone for all the interest, great feedback and support. The summer has been an interesting journey of fun times, great folk, food and thought. I am embarking on a part time PGCE to further my teaching skills and develop greater depth in my knowledge. Grow Grubby is still very much available for enticing engagement with groups and organisations, please do ask if you would like further info.


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